Shared values and
complementary skills

Broadleaf was inspired by the all-too-many peers who had come to regret the way they exited their companies. We thought there must be an alternate path and set out to create one. The alternative needed to solve two problems:

  • Financial Advisory owners with limited exit options being forced into the arms of banks, corporates or large dealer groups
  • Younger advisers wanting to become owners, but not yet having the resources.

The Broadleaf model focuses on acquiring financial advisory firms with aligned values, and helps facilitate the transition from the incumbent owners to younger advisers who don’t yet have the capital to buy out their bosses. And in the process aims to help drive the rise of independent unconflicted advice in the industry.

Clients deserve to be able to trust high quality providers independent of product sales and we’re passionate about doing everything we can to make this happen.

Integrity and service is at the heart of what we do and how we do it.

We don’t compete, we collaborate. Our competition is with ourselves.

The impact we can create by harnessing the collective wisdom of the community is far greater than what we can achieve on our own.

Make all decisions with quality, integrity and client service at the heart.

The Directors.

The Broadleaf team has extensive financial advisory and commercial experience and brings a wealth of knowledge about building successful and resilient organisations to the Broadleaf community.

Richard Hernan

Managing Director and Equity Partner

From a corporate accounting background, Richard has extensive acquisition, strategic and financial management experience, developed during his career in blue chip global enterprises including EY, Rio Tinto and GlaxoSmithKline. Richard runs the day to day operations of Broadleaf including engagement, financing and project management of the acquisition process. Following acquisition, Richard works with the incumbent advisers as a director of their business including sourcing any support that they require.

Dean Gilkison

Director and Equity Partner

Dean has over 20 years Financial Advisory experience as an Adviser, Director, Responsible Manager and Owner of Gilkison Investments. Dean is widely known in the Financial planning industry with deep and long standing connections both in Australia and Internationally. Dean is a conference speaker and expert in financial planning and financial planning succession. In addition to running the day to day operations of Gilkison Investments, Dean provides business development, strategy and extensive industry intellectual property to Broadleaf.

“How can we work together to help make the financial planning industry stronger & more equipped for Australia’s future?”

The market for financial planning services is forecast to grow but the pool of qualified advisers is shrinking due to increased regulatory standards. How can we continue to support the financial planning industry so we can all grow as one and give back to our communities.

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