Broadleaf was inspired by the all-too-many peers who had come to regret the way they exited their companies. We thought there must be an alternate path and set out to create one.

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In the past, a common succession strategy for Advisers leaving the industry or retiring was an assured sale of their book of clients to one of the ‘Big Four’ banks, or a financial institution.

Broadleaf acquires small, high-quality financial planning businesses that have delivered client‑centred independent advice over a long period of time with excellent customer feedback and retention of clients. We review culture and values of the businesses and progress transactions only if these align.

Unlike banks, dealer groups and other aggregators, who force economies of scale efficiencies through standardisation, Broadleaf reinforces trust by offering a customised pathway to owners of high-quality financial planning businesses to ensure they remain focussed on delivering an exceptional client experience.

Since our inception, Broadleaf has successfully executed a number of investments and sub acquisitions in the Western Australian community with exceptional feedback from all stakeholders involved.

We are continuing to expand, working presently with a number of firms on their unique succession pathway.


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Broadleaf resources to help

you plan your succession:

Mapping your succession path

Identify what it is you want from your succession using the Broadleaf questionnaire developed for financial planning business owners and founders.

Business Resilience Assessment

This resource helps you determine the resilience of your business as it currently stands.

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