Succession that builds on your vision

After many years of hard work, owners of successful Financial Advisory firms are left with few options when it comes to effective succession. The most common succession options often strip away the characteristics, values and goodwill built up over many years of high-quality service.

Not anymore …. 

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Broadleaf’s succession method offers customised options for current owners and enables exceptional outcomes for all.

Owners, advisers, employees and clients benefit from the unique Broadleaf succession method that preserves the characteristics and values of your firm by combining current owner experience with well supported future leadership.

Customised, Multi-Stakeholder Succession

We support owners to customise a unique exit pathway. This may include continued ownership, mentoring, consulting, directorship or a complete exit.

Furthering Your Growth

Broadleaf will help the business owner further grow and build a stronger business. Your business will leverage the collective wisdom of the Broadleaf community and partners. 

Continued Development and Support

We continue to leverage the experience and wisdom of incumbent owners and leaders through mentorship, consulting, directorship and continued direct investment so that your business can keep reaching goals.

Broadleaf resources to help

you plan your succession:

Mapping your succession path

Identify what it is you want from your succession using the Broadleaf questionnaire developed for financial planning business owners and founders.

Business Resilience Assessment

This resource helps you determine the resilience of your business as it currently stands.

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