Partnering long term for an optimal transition

The Broadleaf succession method is deliberately long-term focused and customised to the speed chosen by the financial planning business owner. By harnessing the collective experience of the Broadleaf community, your succession plan enables your firm to grow and remain resilient. Owners, advisers, employees and clients benefit from the unique Broadleaf succession solution that preserves the characteristics and values of your firm by combining current owner experience with well supported future leadership.

The Broadleaf process is customised to you and your business.

We want to build on your legacy in a way that works best for you. This means the foundations you have built remain as pillars of growth and success for all stakeholders including your employees and clients.

The strength of the Broadleaf group comes in the alignment of values and philosophies, enabling exceptional client experience and quality of advice. The Broadleaf process begins with getting to know you and your business and crafting together a customised succession plan.

Identify whether the values and culture of Broadleaf is a match for you as a succession partner and make a decision on whether you want to invest the time in developing a custom succession plan and sell a majority stake of your business.
Work collaboratively through the complex pathway of offers, negotiation, due diligence and settlement of the business whilst maintaining a strong relationship throughout. Transition to new ownership on the basis agreed in the custom succession plan.
The typical goal in year one is to sustain the business performance. Ensure the business continues to operate as normal without disruption and all relationships are maintained and ideally strengthened. In many instances it will not be apparent there has been a change of ownership, Broadleaf will try to minimise disruption and only seek to be involved where it is of assistance.
Dependent on your succession plan, start to talk about developing or recruiting advisers / leaders, utilising the Broadleaf network and method as well as capital if required to merge in talented people with established client bases as sub-acquisitions.
Once the agreed earn out period is complete, you have the option to continue in the current role, take on a new position in a more flexible role, be more involved in mentoring, consulting, reduced hours or a clean break from the business.
Through the snow ball effect of long term sustainable growth Broadleaf believe significant value can be created without sacrificing exceptional client experiences and by upholding the values and integrity of the business.
Broadleaf have a long term horizon and an employee ownership model that encourages and finances future leaders into ownership of the business. The leaders continue to build on the operating system that enables greater resilience and sustained performance for generations to come.

Broadleaf timeline for succession

Below is an example timeline of succession with Broadleaf.


“How can we work together to help make the financial planning industry stronger & more equipped for Australia’s future?”

The market for financial planning services is forecast to grow but the pool of qualified advisers is shrinking due to increased regulatory standards. How can we continue to support the financial planning industry so we can all grow as one and give back to our communities.

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